We Did It! Thanks to your kindness and generosity
the John and Arabella Weems Memorial Fund installed these stones on the unmarked graves of our ancestors at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Washington, DC - October 8, 2021

Special Thanks to our Donors and Sponsors

Barry and Sandy Harrelson
Bryan and Shannon Prince
Sister Barbara Jean LaRochester
Elisa Carbonne
Seth Nichols
Sarolyn Nye
Jade Stanford
Ray and Paulette Savoy
Neil Sterling Anderson
Marie Anderson
Donald Anderson
Gayle George
Ernest Savoy
April Savoy and Vance Spears
Aaron Savoy
Representative Chris Rabb
Stephen Clark Harvey
Tony Cohen
Rozlyn Kelly
Cecilia Penn-Diallo
Naomi Namajala Washington Roque
Robert George
Carole George
Joy Curtis-Proctor
Namdi Oakes
Dr. William and Maria Strudwick
Bill Bigelow